Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goals of the Institute

The ICRI is an independent non-profit organization, which has as its principal objectives:
  • the scientific study of the Caucasus as a distinct cultural region;

  • the diffusion of the results of Caucasological research in scholarly and popular media.

  • The ICRI is not attached to any government agency, and will not involve itself in nationalistic or sectarian polemics. The scholarly disciplines in which ICRI members conduct research include: history, ethnology, archaeology, folklore studies, comparative religious studies, sociology, cultural studies, conflict resolution, linguistics, etc.

    To realize its objectives, the Institute intends to:

  • establish international contacts;

  • participate in and organize conferences, congresses, symposiums, seminars, exhibits, displays, and other information-sharing activities;

  • publish and assist in diffusing scholarly articles, scientific and popular publications, textual collections, monographs, brochures, etc;

  • participate in the preparation of journals, newsletters, television programs, etc;

  • serve as a clearinghouse for information on events of interest to local and foreign scholars, aid in the organization of research expeditions and tours, etc.
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